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Below are the individuals who have signed on to support our declaration for a people-centred and holistic healthcare.

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Individual signatories

Number of individual signatories to-date: 8163
Russian Federation Ms. Ekaterina Prokopovich Other Simmetria Russian Federation
Latvia Ms. Gita Gaņģe Other Health center Latvia
Germany Ms. Martina Johanna Valentien Other Germany
Brazil Ms. Jeane Odete Freire dos Santos Cavalcanti Other UNIESP Brazil
Colombia Dr. Natalia Sofia Aldana Other BVS MTCI Americas Colombia
United Kingdom Ms. Hazel Rank- Broadley Other United Kingdom
Brazil Mrs. Edyneuza Siqueira de Ávila Other Brazil
Brazil Ms. Flaviane Regis Souza Other Prefeitura municipal de Porto Velho - RO Brazil
France Dr. Bob Leckridge Other Faculty of Homeopathy, Uk France
Belgium Ms. Ingrid Van Berckelaer Other gepensioneerd Belgium
Switzerland Mr. Dieter Bigler Other Verband für Spacial Dynamics Europa Switzerland
Switzerland Ms. Laura Piffaretti Other Switzerland
Brazil Ms. Maria de Fátima Dantas Moraes Freire Other CRM Brazil
Brazil Dr. Fernando Davino Alves Other Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Brazil
Hungary Mrs. Komjáti Katalin Other Hungary
Brazil Ms. Lilian Marinho Other Universidade do Estado da Bahia Brazil
Belgium Mrs. Els Janssens Other Belgium
United Kingdom Ms. Eleanor Hughes Other United Kingdom
Belgium Ms. Martine Leicher Other Belgium
Brazil Ms. Noeme Vieira Other AMISP Brazil
China Dr. Vincent 鍾志豪副教授 Chung Other The Chinese University of Hong Kong China
Brazil Ms. INES CAETANO Other Próprio Brazil
Brazil Ms. Maira Milanez Other Brazil
Hungary Ms. Alexa Ilyes Other GHV Hungary
Belgium Ms. Kristina Lucia Parmentier Other WZC Zilverlinde te Olen, België Belgium
Ms. Wilson Laura Other Retail consultancy
Brazil Ms. Flavia Placeres Parravicini Other Associação Brasileira De Naturologia Brazil
Brazil Miss. Giovanna Aizza Other Brazil
Brazil Ms. Liliana Marchetti Other Particular Brazil
Belgium Mr. Bart Vanmechelen Other Anthroposophic Council for Inclusive Social Development Belgium
Brazil Ms. Márcia Giovana Cunha Other Amisp Brazil
United Kingdom Ms. Marie Heighton Other United Kingdom
Brazil Ms. Suzan Barancelli Other Brazil
Brazil Ms. Silvia Fix Other Polo Formador em Terapia Comunitária Integrativa do CEAF (Centro de Estudos e Assistência à Família Brazil
Canada Ms. Erin Ellis Other Canada
Belgium Mr. Johannes Weyens Other Belgium
Brazil Ms. Tereza Miranda Other CRESS Brazil
Belgium Mr. Marnix Schaubroeck Other BVAA/ABMA Belgium
Finland Ms. Tarja Heikkinen Other Finnish Society for Integrative Medicine Finland
United Arab Emirates Dr. Mohammed Kamil Other Lotus Holistic Health Institute United Arab Emirates
Brazil Mr. Marcelo Young Blood Other Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa Brazil
United States Dr. Kathi Kemper Other Complementaries Therapies in Medicine United States
Brazil Mrs. Franciele Colatusso Other Secretaria de Saúde de Joinville Brazil
Hungary Ms. Viktória Dr Nagy Other Hungary
Brazil Ms. Veronica Mauchle Other Rosaflor Terapias Integrativas Brazil
Peru Dr. Alberto Alcibíades Salazar Granara Other Facultad de Medicina Humana de la Universidad de San Martín de Porres Peru
Switzerland Ms. Ursula Wessels Kuehne Other HEBV-CH Switzerland
Brazil Mrs. Tatiana Ressureição Vale Other Brazil
Germany Mrs. Claudia Schneider Other Berufsverband Deutschland Germany
Brazil Ms. Viviane Aleixo Other Brazil
Brazil Ms. Vivina Machado Other Via vida consultoria organizacional Ltda Brazil
United Kingdom Ms. Sarah Lane Other United Kingdom
Brazil Mrs. Isolina Lima de Oliveira Other Univille Brazil
Germany Ms. Lea Gantter Other Germany
Brazil Ms. Maria Edila Freitas Other Aposentada da EEUFMG Brazil
United States Dr. Michele ONeill Other United States
Brazil Ms. Nathalia Alvarenga Other UFMG Brazil
Brazil Ms. Joyce Aragão dos Santos Other Brazil
Brazil Ms. LAIS bacilla Other CONAPIC cooperativa nacional dos terapeutas integrativas e profissionais da saúde Brazil
Brazil Ms. LUCINEIDE Da Conceição LEAL Other Privada Brazil
Hungary Ms. Erika Magó Other Hungary
United Kingdom Mrs. Alice Quigley Other United Kingdom
Hungary Ms. Eva Nárayné Other Hungary
China Mrs. Wang Zhijie Other Shanxi Province Hospital of Chinese Medicine China
United Kingdom Ms. Áurea Cabral Other United Kingdom
Brazil Mr. Rafael Cunha Other Brazil
United Kingdom Ms. Mary Wyatt Other SCOH Ltd United Kingdom
Ms. Imola Farkas Other
Hungary Ms. Jankó Cecília Other Hungary
Hungary Ms. Szilvia Bakonyi Other Hungary
Ghana Miss. Ruth Nartey Other Nyarkotey University College of Holistic medicine and technology Ghana
Brazil Dr. MANUELA DE ARAUJO Other UNEB Brazil
Brazil Mr. Daniel Amado Other PICS na Pauta Brazil
Germany Ms. Helena Romero Other Germany
Italy Ms. Marianna Pontini Other Italy
Brazil Ms. Iracema Cersosimo Other APAIS-Associação de Pesquisa e Assistência Integral ao Ser Brazil
Brazil Ms. ANA MIGLIO Other Brazil
Brazil Ms. JANETE ROMEIRO Other Fiocruz Brazil
Brazil Ms. Gilda Graça Other Brazil
Argentina Dr. Paulo Caceres Guido Other Hospital de Pediatria Garrahan Argentina
Brazil Ms. Mirna Teixeira Other fiocruz Brazil
Ms. Zsuzsi Bálint-Huber Other
Brazil Mr. Frederico Cezario Castro de Souza Other Private Brazil
Russian Federation Ms. Наталия Зайцева Other - Russian Federation
Brazil Miss. Huilma Alves Cardoso Other Brazil
Brazil Ms. Bethania Cintra T Bentivoglio Other Universidade Cruzeiro do sul Brazil
Brazil Mrs. Ana Maria Ferreira Other Brazil
Brazil Ms. Camila Guimarães Other ZF Brazil
Brazil Ms. Maria Celeghin Other Abrana Brazil
Ghana Ms. Stephen Debrah Other Nyarkotey University College of Holistic Medicine and Technology Ghana
Germany Ms. Carmen Starck Other Heileurythmie Germany
Brazil Ms. Gabriela Albuquerque Other Brazil
Brazil Mrs. Viviane de Oliveira Other Cultivo Interno Brazil
Brazil Ms. Cristiane Forgiarini de moraes Other Secretaria de saúde Brazil
Brazil Ms. Queiroz Lilian Rebehy Other SBC e ABMA-MG Brazil
Finland Ms. Pauliina Aarva Other Finland
Brazil Mr. Gustavo Jubiraci Droguetti Lanza Other Abrana Brazil
Finland Mr. Lasse Nybergh Other Yhdistävä Lääketiede ry Finland
Brazil Ms. Elen Neves Other SES-RJ Brazil