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Below are the individuals who have signed on to support our declaration for a people-centred and holistic healthcare.

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Individual signatories

Number of individual signatories to-date: 7628
Russian Federation Miss. Elvira Batyrshina Other Medical centre Russian Federation
Hungary Ms. Sylvia Graczka Other Hungary
United Kingdom Ms. Mandy Hoffman Other United Kingdom
Hungary Miss. Janka Dakó Other Hungary
Hungary Mr. Balázs Dakó Other Hungary
Hungary Mrs. Gabriella Dakó Other Hungary
Ms. Ildikó Júlia Koczián Other
Hungary Ms. Eva Batyi Other Hungary
Germany Mr. Thomas Boettcher Other Germany
Switzerland Dr. Tido von Schoen-Angerer Other Centre médical de la Chapelle Switzerland
Germany Ms. Cornelia Hunz Other IFAT Germany
Switzerland Ms. bodil Leforestier Other Switzerland
Germany Ms. Zarouhi von Schön-Angerer Other Germany
Hungary Ms. Renáta Schiszler Other Hungary
United States Dr. Jasmine Oberste Other United States
United States Dr. Jan Goeschel Other Anthroposophic Council for Inclusive Social Development United States
Ms. Linda Wicks Other Society of Homeopaths
Germany Ms. Dirk Hauf Other Germany
Switzerland Ms. Susanti Chandra Other Switzerland
Brazil Ms. Silvana Salete da Silva Other Brazil
Hungary Ms. Klára Orova Other Hungary
United Kingdom Ms. shar Ridler Other United Kingdom
Dr. Thoger Malmstrom Other The Natural Doctor
Hungary Mrs. Gabriella Fekete Other Hungary
United States Ms. Leslie Sandberg Other California Health Collaborative United States
Netherlands Mrs. Sonja Pasman Other Netherlands
United States Ms. Danielia Falcon Other United States
Russian Federation Ms. Юлия Суханова Other Клиника Сова Russian Federation
Hungary Ms. Noémi Radványi Other MIHE Hungary
Brazil Mr. Akram Mashni Other Brazil
Hungary Ms. Erika Dr. Czelenk Other Dr. Czelenk Ferenc és Tsai Kft. Hungary
Ms. Kata Hortobagyi Other
Brazil Ms. Ana Flávia Paiva Other Brazil
Brazil Ms. LISSANDRA FOGAÇA Other Brazil
Russian Federation Ms. Galina Brener Other Terapeuticum Russian Federation
Brazil Ms. Ananda Lopes Carneiro Gonzalez Other Brazil
Brazil Ms. Marcelo Spiandon Other Prefeitura de São Paulo Brazil
Russian Federation Ms. Rezida Galimova Other Russian Federation
Brazil Ms. Selma Cunha correa Other Secretaria Municipal de Saúde de São Paulo Brazil
Brazil Ms. Evelyn Carboneiro Evelyn Carboneiro Other Brasil Brazil
Brazil Ms. Rosane Nitschke Other Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Brazil
Brazil Mr. Fabiano de Araujo Narciso Other Brazil
Russian Federation Miss. Irina Vinogradova Other Institute of curative pedagogy and social therapy St.Petersburg Russian Federation
United States Ms. Jessica Luca Other Yo San University United States
Hungary Ms. prof. dr.Hegyi Gabriella prof. PhD.MD. Other Hungarian Integrative Medicine Assemble Hungary
Germany Ms. Barbara Wais Other Germany
Chile Dr. MONICA GALANTI Other Roberto del Río childrens hospital and University of Chile Chile
Brazil Ms. Pedro Finochio Other Abrana Brazil
Hungary Ms. Gabriella Palkovics Other Hungary
United Kingdom Ms. Kerry Archer Other Artemis Natural Health United Kingdom
Brazil Dr. Vinicius Terra Other Universidade Federal de São Paulo Brazil
United States Dr. Ranjini Venkatanathan Other Private practice United States
Hungary Ms. Krisztina Csapó Other Hungary
Serbia Ms. Jelena Rabijac Other Serbia
Germany Ms. Seifert Katrin Other Germany
Brazil Ms. Barbara J Geromel de Freitas Other 33893762833 Brazil
United States Dr. Hoang Tran Other Dongguk University Los Angeles United States
United Kingdom Mr. Julian Carlyon Other United Kingdom
Brazil Mrs. LUCIANA GESTEIRA Other fhemig Brazil
Russian Federation Ms. Romakhina Viktoria Other Medical clinics Russian Federation
Germany Ms. Avril Jennifer Drew Other Germany
Russian Federation Ms. Алиса Алексеева Other Russian Federation
United Kingdom Ms. JM Pearce-Dickens Other United Kingdom
Russian Federation Ms. Ekaterina Prokopovich Other Simmetria Russian Federation
Latvia Ms. Gita Gaņģe Other Health center Latvia
Germany Ms. Martina Johanna Valentien Other Germany
Brazil Ms. Jeane Odete Freire dos Santos Cavalcanti Other UNIESP Brazil
Colombia Dr. Natalia Sofia Aldana Other BVS MTCI Americas Colombia
United Kingdom Ms. Hazel Rank- Broadley Other United Kingdom
Brazil Mrs. Edyneuza Siqueira de Ávila Other Brazil
Brazil Ms. Flaviane Regis Souza Other Prefeitura municipal de Porto Velho - RO Brazil
France Dr. Bob Leckridge Other Faculty of Homeopathy, Uk France
Belgium Ms. Ingrid Van Berckelaer Other gepensioneerd Belgium
Switzerland Mr. Dieter Bigler Other Verband für Spacial Dynamics Europa Switzerland
Switzerland Ms. Laura Piffaretti Other Switzerland
Brazil Ms. Maria de Fátima Dantas Moraes Freire Other CRM Brazil
Brazil Dr. Fernando Davino Alves Other Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Brazil
Hungary Mrs. Komjáti Katalin Other Hungary
Brazil Ms. Lilian Marinho Other Universidade do Estado da Bahia Brazil
Belgium Mrs. Els Janssens Other Belgium
United Kingdom Ms. Eleanor Hughes Other United Kingdom
Belgium Ms. Martine Leicher Other Belgium
Brazil Ms. Noeme Vieira Other AMISP Brazil
China Dr. Vincent 鍾志豪副教授 Chung Other The Chinese University of Hong Kong China
Brazil Ms. INES CAETANO Other Próprio Brazil
Brazil Ms. Maira Milanez Other Brazil
Hungary Ms. Alexa Ilyes Other GHV Hungary
Belgium Ms. Kristina Lucia Parmentier Other WZC Zilverlinde te Olen, België Belgium
Ms. Wilson Laura Other Retail consultancy
Brazil Ms. Flavia Placeres Parravicini Other Associação Brasileira De Naturologia Brazil
Brazil Miss. Giovanna Aizza Other Brazil
Brazil Ms. Liliana Marchetti Other Particular Brazil
Belgium Mr. Bart Vanmechelen Other Anthroposophic Council for Inclusive Social Development Belgium
Brazil Ms. Márcia Giovana Cunha Other Amisp Brazil
United Kingdom Ms. Marie Heighton Other United Kingdom
Brazil Ms. Suzan Barancelli Other Brazil
Brazil Ms. Silvia Fix Other Polo Formador em Terapia Comunitária Integrativa do CEAF (Centro de Estudos e Assistência à Família Brazil
Canada Ms. Erin Ellis Other Canada