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Below are the individuals who have signed on to support our declaration for a people-centred and holistic healthcare.

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Individual signatories

Number of individual signatories to-date: 7628
Netherlands Wolter Bos Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Ingrid te Brake Affiliation Netherlands
Portugal Joana Silva Other Coopmic Portugal
Portugal Patricia Gonçalves Goncalves Other Portugal
Belgium isabelle eylenbosch Other Belgium
Portugal Susana Costa Patient Portugal
Netherlands Gerrie Raaimakers Educator Netherlands
Netherlands Geert Van Brakel Educator Fontys Hogescholen Netherlands
Netherlands Trudi Sonderkamp Other TU Eindhoven Netherlands
United States of America RAQUEL MONTEIRO Patient United States of America
Belgium Vanessa De Greef Affiliation Belgium
Netherlands Lara Went Patient Netherlands
Netherlands B Schaap Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands fons hehenkamp Other Netherlands
Portugal Rita Simões Patient Educação Portugal Excelente contributo para a saúde
Netherlands Anne Van Oeveren Other Netherlands What a great initiative! 🙏🏻
Netherlands Elly te Brake Practitioner - Medical doctor Netherlands
Netherlands Peter Tiehuis Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Sabine Josseaud Patient Netherlands
Brazil Benedita Fernandes Other Uninter Brazil Sou estudante de terapias integrativas e complementares e também sou paciente, pois sou portadora da Síndrome de Sjogren e algumas complicações.
Portugal Sandra Santos Patient Portugal
Portugal Rita Fonseca Patient Portugal
Portugal Anabela Parreira Patient Portugal
Netherlands Magdalene Hoogerwerf Affiliation VYN Netherlands
Netherlands D Zaltron Practitioner - Medical doctor Netherlands
France Carina Oliveira Affiliation France
Portugal Sandra Brites Affiliation Portugal
United States of America Rebecca Clarke Other United States of America
Netherlands Marja De Kmegt Patient Netherlands
Portugal Maria Henriques Patient Portugal
Netherlands Marianne Baan Other Netherlands
Portugal José Oliveira Patient Portugal
Netherlands Margaret Vink Practitioner - Medical doctor Netherlands
Netherlands Aranka Kerkhooven Other Netherlands
Belgium Kristina Lucia Parmentier Patient WZC Zilverlinde te Olen, België Belgium
Netherlands Bart Been Patient Netherlands
Portugal Carla Delgado Patient Portugal
Portugal Hugo Barros Other Portugal
Portugal Carla Santos Affiliation Portugal
Portugal Elsa Pereira Patient Portugal
Portugal Sandra Figueiredo Patient Portugal
Portugal Rosa Ester Soares Patient Ministerio Educação Portugal
Netherlands Nuno Martins Practitioner - Medical doctor Netherlands
Portugal Perpétua Pereira Patient Portugal
Bulgaria Emilia Arabova Patient Bulgaria
Canada Joaquim Cruz Patient Canada
Portugal Ana Almeida Affiliation Portugal
Portugal Inês Carrêlo Other Own Portugal
Portugal Paula Pires Affiliation Portugal
Belgium Esther Dhaenens Patient Belgium
Portugal Carla Ferreira Affiliation Portugal
Portugal Sandra Leal Practitioner - Medical doctor Portugal
Belgium Bert Van Assche Patient Belgium
Portugal Isabel Rodrigues Patient Portugal
Portugal Vanda Moço Patient Portugal
Netherlands Gonnie Castelijns Affiliation Netherlands
China Carla Silva Patient Education and Youth Affairs Bureau China I benefit so much from Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Healthcare​ in prevention and treatment in an healthier way (no chemicals)
Portugal Ana Calheiros Patient Portugal
Portugal Vanda Almeida Educator Portugal
Brazil Iramaia Chaguri Practitioner - Medical doctor ABMA-SP/Hospital Perola Byignton Brazil As onco-gynecologist and as anthroposophical doctor, I recognize and support the important role of complementary and tradicional medicine.
Portugal Diva Santos Other Portugal I want to beneffit the traditional, complementary and integrative healthcare​
Portugal Luis Moutinho Patient Portugal
Portugal Diná Pessoa Educator Portugal
Portugal Maria Oliveira Patient Portugal
Portugal Deolinda Chaves Patient Portugal
Portugal Teresa Vila Patient Portugal
Portugal Sara Simoes Patient Portugal
Brazil Solange Juvenal Affiliation Brazil
United Kingdom Araura Berkeley Patient Private United Kingdom It is essential that so called alternative treatments are protected and allow for human rights ability to choose.
Portugal Susana Pinto Affiliation Portugal
Portugal Bárbara Tomás Practitioner - Medical doctor Portugal
Portugal Maria Conceição Barata Patient ARS CENTRO Portugal
Portugal Isabel Feliciano Affiliation Portugal
Portugal Isabel Catarino Patient Portugal
Portugal Elodie Ferreira Affiliation Portugal
Portugal Cristina Fernandes Patient Portugal
Portugal Maria Carrilho Patient Portugal
Portugal Joana Ferreira Patient Portugal
Portugal Maria Frade Other Portugal
Netherlands Wiek van Eerten Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands G.P. Koolstra Affiliation Netherlands
Portugal Ariana Quintiliano Educator Portugal
United Kingdom Filomena Rodrigues Other United Kingdom
Portugal Sara Francisco Affiliation Portugal
Portugal Fernanda Tavares Practitioner - Medical doctor Portugal
Portugal Ana Mendes Affiliation Portugal
Portugal Sara Lima Affiliation Portugal
Portugal Maria Freitas Other Portugal
Portugal Ana FErrete Affiliation Portugal
Portugal Sara Palma Other Portugal
Portugal Nuno Ramos Practitioner - Medical doctor Portugal
France Florian PETITJEAN Educator Sipharm France
Portugal carlos leiria Practitioner - Medical doctor CARLOS ALBERTO DOS SANTOS LEIRIA Portugal
Portugal Teresa Mandes Affiliation Portugal
Portugal Elsa Pereira Patient Portugal
Portugal Ana Brito Practitioner - Medical doctor Portugal
Portugal Ana Rita Ferreira Other Portugal
Portugal Joana Miguel Practitioner - Medical doctor Varias Portugal É urgente
United Kingdom Catherine Saunders Patient United Kingdom
Portugal Cláudia Cabral Affiliation Portugal