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Below are the individuals who have signed on to support our declaration for a people-centred and holistic healthcare.

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Individual signatories

Number of individual signatories to-date: 8333
Greece danai Kampani Other EUAA Greece
Switzerland Norman Kingeter Other Switzerland
Chile Daniela Castillo Educator Universidad de Chile Chile I support holistic and complementary alternatives that ameliorate suffering in healthcare settings. Reducing suffering in healthcare should be a human right.
Netherlands Louise Philippo Patient Netherlands
United Kingdom Barbara Asmall Researcher AATA United Kingdom All people should have freedom of choice and autonomy regarding health and medical decisions
Sweden Monika Swärd Educator Phenixkliniken Sweden Q
Sweden Gun-Britt Nilsson Affiliation KHY Sweden
Greece Matina Vlachou Patient Greece
Portugal José Maria Amaral Practitioner - Medical doctor Fenaco Portugal
Denmark Lillian Wong Practitioner - Medical doctor Forenede Naturmedicinere Denmark
Greece Fotini Papia Affiliation Greece
Greece Olina Aravantimou Affiliation Greece
Greece Chara Grammenou Affiliation Greece
Greece Joanna Tsitra Affiliation Greece
Greece Eleni Paridi Other Greece
Sweden Ursula Flatters Practitioner - Medical doctor 2Heal Medical Sweden
Greece Georgios Chatzitheodosiou Other Estarta Greece Greece Medical care must be a combined approach, not a one-way absolute street.
United States of America Kimberly Stewart Other Institute for Natural Medicine United States of America
Greece Γεωργία Ζεϊμπέκη Patient Ιδιωτικός Greece
Canada Kathleen Collins Other Canada Freedom of choice is important. Diversity is important. As Shakespeare wrote: There are more things in Heaven & Earth, Horacio than are dreamt of in your philosophy
Greece Lina Pavlopoulou Affiliation Greece
Greece Vasiliki Dalla Patient Greece
India Dr Patlola Sridhar reddy Practitioner - Medical doctor Anthroposophic medical society India
Greece Moira Hill Patient Various Greece
Greece Myrto Mangrioti Affiliation Greece
United States of America Scarlet Soriano Practitioner - Medical doctor United States of America
Greece Christina Rouseli Educator Greece
Greece Nikoletta CHARDALIA Patient Greece
Greece Giota Ntemou Patient Greece
Greece MARIA SASA Patient Greece
Greece Anastasia Christou Patient Greece
Uganda Hamimu Masudi Other Health Poverty Action Uganda
Greece ANGELIKI KYVELLOU Patient Greece
Greece Eva Roussou Patient Ministry of Culture Greece
Greece Lila Kalaitzi Patient Greece
Greece Maro Kouri Affiliation Greece
Greece Foteini Birbilopoulou Practitioner - Medical doctor Greece
United States of America Shelly George Other Evolve Ortho-Bionomy United States of America
Greece Maria Kriara Patient Greece
United States of America elizabeth thorson Other United States of America Great idea!!
Greece Christina Tsilibokou Patient Greece
Greece LILIAN TSATSARONI Patient Greece
Greece Barbara Dadorou Patient Greece
Greece Maria Katsika Patient Greece
Greece Vana Pl Patient Greece
Greece Olga Mavrommati Other Public School Greece
Greece Maria Zervou Other Greece
Greece evelin Daskalaki Other Greece
Greece Alexandros Gryparis Educator University of Ioannina Greece
Greece Fwteivn Kara Patient Greece
Greece Peggy Daliani Patient Greece
Greece Catherine Liopeta Patient Greece
Greece Sophie Yannarski Educator Public school Greece
Greece Maria Roukali Affiliation Greece
Greece Eleftheria Syminelaki Patient Greece
Greece Stamatina Siaveli Patient Greece
Greece ΕΛΕΝΗ ΒΕΛΛΟΥ Other Greece
Greece kalliopi Gogou Researcher Greece
Greece Violeta Knezevic Patient Self employment Greece
Greece Anna Gkini Patient Ime Greece
Greece Evangelia Matoula Patient Greece
Greece Polytimi Patapi Affiliation Greece
Greece NIKOLETA KOINI Practitioner - Medical doctor IATOR CLINIC Greece
Greece kalliopi georga Patient Greece
Greece Panagoula Farazouli Affiliation Greece
United Kingdom Eileen Martin Other NHS United Kingdom
United Kingdom Salvus Cole Practitioner - Medical doctor United Kingdom
Germany Uta Schumann Other Germany Ich bin überzeugt von integrativer Medizin zum Wohle des Patienten und habe selbst schon gute Erfahrungen damit gemacht, deshalb fordere ich eine Zusammenarbeit von Schul- und Komplementärmedizin im Gesundheitswesen weltweit
Sweden Hester Renouf Other Sweden Glad this much needed initiative is gettig going!
Afghanistan Anne Duijvestijn Patient Buiten Buiten Afghanistan
Bulgaria Neli Nikolovska Educator Bulgaria
Bulgaria Fiodor Dechev Educator Bulgaria
Bulgaria Liliya Dimitrova Educator Bulgaria Bulgaria
Bulgaria Galina Toteva Patient Bulgaria
Bulgaria Красимира Алексиева Affiliation Bulgaria
Bulgaria Tanya Stoyanova Affiliation Bulgaria
Netherlands C. Lammertink Patient Netherlands
Bulgaria Gergana Angelova Patient Bulgaria
Belgium Tania Puertas Other Belgium
Netherlands M Van Dun Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Inge Zwan-Dijkman Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Karin Van Dijk Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Jacqueline Groot Practitioner - Medical doctor Ggzingeest Netherlands
Belgium Joseph Van den Berghe Patient Belgium
Belgium Danielle Lievens Patient Belgium
Netherlands Lieke Wagemaker Practitioner - Medical doctor RC de Ruimte Netherlands Thank you for organising this petion. It is important for the world, that we continue to have acces to natural remedies and ancient healing practicises
Nigeria Jacqueline Ikeotuonye Practitioner - Medical doctor Nigeria
Netherlands M. v.d. Ingh Patient Netherlands
Belgium Hilde Merckx Affiliation Belgium
Netherlands Odette Heijden Patient Netherlands
Netherlands S.K. le Grand Patient Netherlands
Netherlands M van Cortenberghe Patient education Netherlands
Belgium Jan Verhoeven Patient Belgium Healthcare decisions should be in the hands of patients. Healthcare should be holistic and span the several views and practices about it.
Netherlands Emilie Krol Other Netherlands I support holistic health care.
Hungary Júlia Ábrahám Educator Fitness Akadémia Hungary
Brazil Reginaldo Silva Filho Practitioner - Medical doctor Faculdade EBRAMEC Brazil
Netherlands Ineke Peeters Other Netherlands
Colombia Uriel Ignacio Espitia Vásquez Researcher Red de Medicinas Tradicionales, Complementarias e Integrativas de las Américas ( Red MTCI Américas) Colombia