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Below are the individuals who have signed on to support our declaration for a people-centred and holistic healthcare.

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Individual signatories

Number of individual signatories to-date: 7628
Netherlands I.M. van Sterkenburg Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Desiree Beusen Other Netherlands
Austria Elisabeth Birgmayer Patient Austria
Germany Matias Langer Patient Seidentraum Germany
Indonesia Besral Besral Educator Universitas Indonesia Indonesia
United Kingdom John Nixon Other United Kingdom
Netherlands Johan Birnie Patient Netherlands
Indonesia Setya Haksama Researcher Social Welfare and Security Study Center, Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Airlangga Indonesia I am interesting in the use of probiotics and herbal in the traditional medicine.
Netherlands Elisabeth Hester Birnie- van Oyen Other geen Netherlands
Indonesia Hamdan Alwi Tahir Educator IAKMI Kabupaten kuningan Indonesia Semoga bisa berpartisipasi
Switzerland Ulrike Weber Patient Switzerland
Germany Melanie Kaltenbach Patient Germany
Germany Felix Koller Patient Germany
Argentina Bibiana Daniele Affiliation Argentina Me gustaría recibir información permanentemente. Muchas gracias.
Argentina Franco Lerussi Other Argentina
Netherlands Ingrid Bloemsma Patient Netherlands
Colombia Heliana Cardona Other ADMAC Colombia As an art therapist and patient, I consider it important to have a holistic view of the human being. To understand the human being as a whole, not only physically but also spiritually. We are aimed to see and work for health, not only when the disease arrives but also to have a healthy and balanced existence. It is important that this statement be taken into account, and transform the way in which medical practices have been approached. We need much more humane doctors, therapies and medicine.
Netherlands Hennita Jaspers Other None/ individual Netherlands
Netherlands Hennita Jaspers Other Netherlands
Netherlands Flora den Boer Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Monique Van Egmond Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Gerard Loermans Patient Netherlands
Indonesia Akhmad Saikhu Government Ministry of Health Indonesia
United States of America Samantha Nathan Affiliation United States of America
United States of America Susan Peck Practitioner - Medical doctor The Health Office Co. United States of America Thank you! We've been supporting, praying for, and pushing for this for over 40 years!
Australia Janet Grevillea Other Australia
South Africa Julia O'Leary Other Southern Cross Eurythmy Therapy Training South Africa Let us strive to achieve a holistic approach to healing which is inclusive of TCIH
United Kingdom Lucy chapman Other United Kingdom
Poland Magdalena Dawidowicz Affiliation non Poland
Switzerland Urs Siegenthaler Affiliation Switzerland
United States of America Zeljko Milovanovic Practitioner - Medical doctor United States of America
Italy massimo bertazza Patient Italy
Canada Hélène Dubé Educator Retreated Canada
Romania Ion Ionita Patient pensionar Romania da, sunt de acord cu aplicarea tuturor procedurilor de vindecare cunoscute asupra unui bolnav
Canada Zheni Nasi Patient Canada
United Kingdom EVELYN RICHBELL Other Blackthorn Trust United Kingdom High time! Out with the fear! In with the collaboration, respect and integration and choice for patients for the whole spectrum of therapeutic measures., coupled with independence of research .
Spain Alfonso Carlos Jaquete Patient Spain
Australia Helen Martin Patient Aged care Australia Thankyou for all your wonderful endeavours thus far!
Romania Daniela Lazar Practitioner - Medical doctor ANTROSANA Roumania Romania
Romania Amalia Gabor Other Romania
Estonia Aleksandra Brunere Patient Estonia
Australia Elsa Martin Affiliation Australia
Argentina Griselda Calligaris Practitioner - Medical doctor Argentina
Afghanistan Katie Willink-Maendel Affiliation Afghanistan I am very glad to know that WHO is making steps for integration of the mentioned health systems! As a health worker in and (patiënt) user of Anthroposofical Health Care I am grateful for this declaration!
Denmark Esther Liboriussen Practitioner - Medical doctor Polyholistica Denmark
Netherlands M.Y. Boer Leffef Patient Netherlands
United Kingdom Andrene Alejandro Other National Forest Therapies United Kingdom
Slovakia Veronika Repková Educator Veronika Repková Slovakia
Slovakia kveta bernatova Practitioner - Medical doctor Slovakia
United States of America Tascha Babitch Patient United States of America As a patient with a chronic illness, only alternative and integrative medicine has helped me at all over the years. It is extremely important to me and to many patients like me.
Belgium Leen Brouns Patient Belgium
Italy Remigio Cenzato Practitioner - Medical doctor Gruppo di Studio e Ricerca Medico Pedagogica Italy
India Sonali Mourya Other Nehru homoeopathic medical College and hospital India
Netherlands Mark van Lieshout Patient Netherlands I support this!!
Netherlands Mayke de Witt Hamer Patient Netherlands
India Sonam Harwani Practitioner - Medical doctor Nhmc India
Netherlands Freya Pardoel Practitioner - Medical doctor Freya Pardoel - Praktijk voor Antroposofische Zorg Netherlands
Netherlands Marieke Landmeter Affiliation InteraktContour Netherlands
Netherlands Zsa Zsa Thönnissen Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Ineke Bierens Affiliation Netherlands
France Christophe Perrin Patient France
Germany Andreas Maier Practitioner - Medical doctor Andreas Maier Heilpraktiker Germany
Argentina LILIANA COSTANTINO Practitioner - Medical doctor Argentina
Argentina Danisa Vicentin Practitioner - Medical doctor Argentina
Argentina Andrea DAnna Affiliation Argentina
Portugal Ana Oliveira Other Portugal
Argentina Diana Odalí Cabrera Practitioner - Medical doctor Facultad de Ciencias Médicas. Univ. Nacional Rosario Argentina
Netherlands Bosma Corine Patient Netherlands
Belgium david joëts Patient Belgium
Netherlands Martina Neff Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Annechien IngenHousz Patient Netherlands So necessary, for People, for the earth
Netherlands Desiree Janssen Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Amelia Cavallini Other Netherlands
United States of America Barbara Brown Patient United States of America
United States of America Abby Beale Educator Homeopathy Healings United States of America We the people need these healthcare options. Please preserve and grow them.
Netherlands nurene armajani Practitioner - Medical doctor Netherlands
Belgium Wouter Beeckman Educator Steinerschool Belgium
Portugal Jéssica Marques Other Leroy Merlin Portugal
Netherlands Isabel Hylkema Patient Netherlands My lung-specialist prescribed prednison at age 44 after a life of allergies and it’s problems, I started to look for alternatives and am since then free of ALL medications and complaints since more than 20 years…
Canada Zara Bourgeois Other Canada The right to choice in healthcare is a fundamental human right no other human, agency or government must ever be allowed to restrict, limit, modify or deny.
Belgium Hilde Viane Patient Particulier Belgium I fully support this declaration
Netherlands Astrid Lisdonk Other Be At It Therapie Apeldoorn Netherlands
Netherlands Mieke Pollmann Patient Netherlands
Norway Lone Pedersen Patient Norway
India B Biswas Researcher India Homoeopathy is the best among all system of medicine. I personally benefited from it.
United States of America Patricia Kay Practitioner - Medical doctor Pacific NorthWest Homeopathy Association United States of America Every encouragement for this important endeavor!
Italy Andrea Filippini Patient Italy
Netherlands Liline Tets Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Mark Schilders Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Veronica Chabot Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Louisa Rademaker Educator Netherlands
Netherlands Zoë Cavallini Other Netherlands
Netherlands Petra Wilmer Other Dwaze Projecten Netherlands
Netherlands sophia Schwegman Other Mandala Massage Netherlands
Portugal Maria André Patient Portugal
Belgium Tineke Van Holm Educator Belgium
Belgium Lisa Willems Educator Belgium
Portugal Marta Guerreiro Other Hospital Vila Franca Xira Portugal
Afghanistan Teresa Faria Affiliation Afghanistan