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Below are the individuals who have signed on to support our declaration for a people-centred and holistic healthcare.

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Individual signatories

Number of individual signatories to-date: 7628
Netherlands Emilie Groot Patient Netherlands
Nepal Tessa van Gestel Patient Nepal
Netherlands Luca Top Patient Netherlands
Italy Elena Bernardi Patient Italy
Greece Michael Chrisstopoulos Educator Greece
Netherlands Karin Willemse Other Netherlands
Netherlands S. Tuinstra Patient Netherlands
Netherlands B Verdoold Patient Netherlands
France myriam pawly Educator France
Algeria Djamel Eddine GASMI Practitioner - Medical doctor Algeria
Netherlands Hellen Tonglet Patient Hellen Tonglet Netherlands
Netherlands Henny Linschoten Patient School Netherlands I hope it will help
Netherlands Aida Fridman Other Pensioner Netherlands
Netherlands Renate Vullings Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Barbara Otten Practitioner - Medical doctor Netherlands
Denmark Stine Stampe Pedersen Patient Denmark
United Kingdom Sammy Ramiz Affiliation gentle-steps complementary therapies United Kingdom
Netherlands Jessica Eerbeek Patient Netherlands You have to give patients the opportunity to choose their own way of treatment in which they feel comfortable.
Netherlands L Schiebaan Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Lara van den Hooff Other Netherlands
Denmark malene hanghøj Patient Denmark
Netherlands Michiel Burink Patient Belastingdienst Netherlands Holistische zorg is de toekomst en iedereen zou hier toegang tot moeten hebben.
India Mahendra Arya Affiliation Aryas' Clinic India
Netherlands LR Haubrich Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Dick van Zijderveld Patient Netherlands
France coralie Dumoulin Practitioner - Medical doctor France
Netherlands Annie Terwindt Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Marijke Seekles Patient Netherlands
Netherlands M. Muizelaar Educator Netherlands
Netherlands John Meulendijks Patient None Netherlands
Netherlands Toon Janssen Patient VDV Training & Coaching Netherlands
Lithuania Viktorija Šerkšnienė Other Member of the Board of the Lithuanian Association of Apitweapeutes Lithuania
France Kuntz Hélène Other Naturilys France I am glad there is such a complete and simple declaration for TCIH. The aim is clearly named as partnership between all forms of healthcare and access for everyone to health prevention and TCIH. Bravo !
Slovakia Miroslav Mareček Other Stredná odborná škola technická Slovakia
New Zealand Sara Brenchley Practitioner - Medical doctor Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists of New Zealand New Zealand
Netherlands bennie schrijvers Other Netherlands
Egypt Ahmed Hegazi Researcher National Research Center Egypt
Netherlands I. de Vries Other healthcare Netherlands
Netherlands leo beth Practitioner - Medical doctor private practise Netherlands
Netherlands Karin Fourmon Patient Netherlands
Netherlands frans reus Affiliation Netherlands
France Cindy Soler Educator Cabinet L'Ame Agit France
France Eric Perez Practitioner - Medical doctor France
Netherlands H Bouma Affiliation Netherlands
France Sarah VANDEWEGHE Practitioner - Medical doctor Vitalitest France
Netherlands Paula Berkum Patient Paula van berkum design Netherlands
France Patricia Bellone Practitioner - Medical doctor Omnes France
France Dominique MICOLLET Practitioner - Medical doctor France
France Mancini Audrey Practitioner - Medical doctor France
France Christine FAYET Other CHRISTINE FAYET France
France Corinne Lacombe Practitioner - Medical doctor Omnes France
Netherlands El Klundert Other Netherlands
Netherlands Willem Van Gorcum Affiliation - Netherlands
Netherlands A Schippers Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Herma van Gerven Patient Netherlands
United States of America Ana Tanase Affiliation United States of America
United States of America Margaret Rosenthaler Affiliation United States of America
United States of America Elisabeth Hofer Educator Center for Anthroposophy United States of America
Netherlands Margje Teeuwen Affiliation Pm Netherlands Er is maar 1 manier om naar de gezondh vd mens te kijken naar mijn mening, en dat is naar de totale mens
United States of America Christina Porkert Other United States of America
Netherlands Gabi O Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Hans van Gennip Other Hans van Gennip Netherlands
Lebanon Rim Mouawad Educator Step Together Association Lebanon
United States of America Heide Alexander Practitioner - Medical doctor United States of America
Argentina Rüdiger Heuer Patient Argentina
Netherlands Edmond Schoorel Practitioner - Medical doctor Netherlands
Lithuania Rūta Daunoravičienė Other Lithuania
Switzerland Dieter Bigler Educator Spacial Dynamics® Switzerland
Netherlands Patrick van Dinter Affiliation HIP-vandinter Netherlands
Austria Dr.Reinhard Schwarz Practitioner - Medical doctor Ordination Austria
Netherlands Edwin Driessen Other House of parlement Netherlands
Netherlands Rob van Kol Patient Netherlands
Belgium Ann Van Hecke Patient Praktijk voor psychotherapie en persoonlijke groei Belgium
Germany Monika Elbert Other Germany
Switzerland Barbara Steinmann Other steinmanncoachsulting Switzerland
Denmark Martin Spon Practitioner - Medical doctor Denmark
Netherlands Klaartje Slot Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Eveline Muusers Affiliation Netherlands
Belgium Aime Cocuqyt Practitioner - Medical doctor Belgium
Netherlands Anneke Steenland Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Maike Wesseling Affiliation Roc Netherlands
Belgium Kristine Vanhemens Patient Belgium
Romania Mariana Bobi Ionescu Other Romania
Netherlands Barbara Coljee Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands A van Gemert Affiliation Netherlands 👍🏻
Belgium Christine Dickert Other Belgium
Italy Federico Fioretto Educator Exsulting Italy Great idea
Belgium Herman Van Den Driessche Other Belgium
Germany Maike Wellmann Practitioner - Medical doctor Germany
Netherlands suzanne katier Educator antroposofie Netherlands
Netherlands Nikos Bts Other Netherlands
Brazil Benedita Fernandes Other Brazil Estou fazendo curso de Terapias integrativas e complementares e gostaria muito de me manter atualizada.
Romania Liana Niculae Other Romania
Greece Ergina Marina Archavli Other Greece
Netherlands Lilian De Roever Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Flora Ingenhousz Patient Netherlands
Belgium Delphine de Hemptinne Patient Belgium
Switzerland Petra Walker Practitioner - Medical doctor Switzerland
Netherlands Nadia Salmi Patient Ggze Netherlands