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Below are the individuals who have signed on to support our declaration for a people-centred and holistic healthcare.

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Individual signatories

Number of individual signatories to-date: 8250
Australia Cate Peterson Educator YogaHive Australia On the eve of the first WHO International Conference on TCIH I send my respect to all who have worked so hard to turn the tide
Australia Merrilee Baker Affiliation Australia
Canada CA Hastings Other Canada
United Kingdom Venkata n Joshi Educator United Kingdom Traditional systems of health are futuristic models for prevention and health promotion
Netherlands Jan Erik Scheer Patient BlijfBlij Netherlands Great Initiative !
United States of America Daniel Ehrlich Educator Living Oaks SRQ United States of America
United States of America Carol Ann Williamson Practitioner - Medical doctor Athena United States of America
Sweden Birger Wärn Affiliation Sweden Har använt antroposofisk medicin och vård parallellt med skolmedicin under ca 35 år
Italy Sara Faggin Practitioner - Medical doctor Italy
Netherlands Bart Drunen littel Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Jolanda Suur Patient Netherlands
United States of America Annamma Thomas Practitioner - Medical doctor APRN-not medical doctor United States of America Integrative Nurse Practitioner and advocate for integrative services in the mainstream conventional system
Sweden Andreas Värn Affiliation Sweden
Germany Birgit Ziegler Practitioner - Medical doctor AGTCM Germany
Belgium Rina Janssen Affiliation Belgium Individuele vrijheid voor ieders gezondheid
Netherlands Martina Gluschke Affiliation Netherlands Free choice
Belgium Joris Van de Velde Patient Belgium
Italy emanuela portalupi Practitioner - Medical doctor ARESMA, SIMA Italy
United States of America Tami Flaherty Other United States of America
Germany Anne Hardy Affiliation AGTCM Germany
Netherlands Monique Huurdeman Patient Een paar stappen samen Netherlands
Netherlands Leen Postma Practitioner - Medical doctor Leen Postma - Sacred Ground Netherlands The alternative health sector is indispensable since it focuses largely on improving health in general, while the regular health sector is strongly influenced by the pharmaceutical industry that seems to focus more on profit than on improving health.
Netherlands Gonneke Verhoeven Affiliation Netherlands
Brazil Paulo Marquêz Government Câmara Municipal de Sorocaba Brazil Coordenador-geral do Laboratório de Inovação "LabLeg Sorocaba"
Austria Erfried Pichler Practitioner - Medical doctor ÖGHM Austria
Germany Matthias Hennig Educator Germany
Germany Pascale Dauster Affiliation Germany
Germany Ursula Siems Patient Germany
Germany Patricia Paufler Practitioner - Medical doctor Germany
Germany Andrea Ebert Affiliation Germany
Germany Hanya Nibbrig Other Germany
Canada Anne Taillefer Practitioner - Medical doctor SPHQ Syndicat Professionel des Homéopathes du Québe and Carleton University Canada
Germany Sabine Kirchner Affiliation Lachesis e.V. Germany
India Unnikrishnan Payyappalli Researcher Transdisciplinary University India What a wonderful initiative. Hope this will be able to strengthen inclusive, evidence based policies and strategies for TCIH.
Germany Ruth Luschnat Practitioner - Medical doctor Germany Lets hope that there will come out more insights from the much needed pluralistic medical research: to bring sustainable practises for humanity s public health ! As the AI ways are much to CO2 costly to be the solutions for everybody that IT commerce is making us believe! See!5946576/
Germany Eva Maack Affiliation Germany
Netherlands David van Haeren Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Milan Koopman Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Maria van Dijk Affiliation Nvt Netherlands
Netherlands Plonie Tigges Affiliation Netherlands
United States of America Jennifer Rioux Other Institute for the Study of Integrative Healthcare United States of America
Belgium Jos Piessens Patient Belgium
Belgium Greet Baeckelmans Other Belgium
Netherlands Wouter Cuppen Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Alexander Van Dijl Patient Scientology Netherlands
Netherlands Carolina Van Hulst Patient Netherlands Great idea!!
Netherlands Loes Koopman Affiliation Netherlands
Peru Talia Dueñas Other Peru Greetings, I enormously appreciate the actions towards integrating the diverse approaches to health. Sincerely, Talia Dueñas
Netherlands Silke de Rooi Patient Netherlands We are white Two persoons Silke de Rooi En Anouk Dijkstra
Netherlands C.A. Verhoek Affiliation Netherlands
Austria Susanna Schreiner Other Austria
United States of America Patricia StandTal Clarke, MD, DMin Clarke, MD, DMin Practitioner - Medical doctor RedRoadMedicine Institute United States of America
Netherlands Mirjam Cuppen Affiliation Netherlands
Belgium michèle weiss Practitioner - Medical doctor mudita vzw Belgium
Netherlands E.W. Brans Patient Rabobank Netherlands
Netherlands Niels van Berlo Patient Netherlands
Australia Sandy Moore Other University of Sunshine Coast Australia Further to your news bulletin of 10 July 2023, I would like to see first nations people of Australia ancient medicine acknowledged, as well as the Australian WHO member state include TCIH in the medical benefits scheme, also private medical insurers, public hospitals and recognition through private organisations, WHS occupational remediation and compensation, as well Human Rights legislation and policies. Australia is also currently passing a Communication (Mis/Disinformation) Bill (2023) giving powers to ACMA (non-medical organisation) and I am concerned that any gains with TCIH and WHO will be interrupted through online technology MNEs and the instructed warning signs they are made to apply to social media (paid, owned, unpaid etc). Rather than claim mis/disinformation, it would be better for a notice to refer to TCIH/WHO for further information to be utilised. Thank you and kind regards. I look forward to joining the online 17-18 August symposium this year.
Netherlands Donald Pagrach Patient Netherlands
Belgium Ingrid Neys Other Gold Meat Belgium
United States of America Barbara Brown Patient United States of America I would like for ALL treatment options to be available and covered. I don't see why there needs to be restrictions of only one way being approved. There is room and a place for all if they would place nicely. Why can't other disciplines be recognized and accepted?
Brazil Karen Berenice Denez Researcher RedePICS Brasil e Associação Brasileira de Farmacêuticos Homeopatas Brazil
United States of America Christine Gregory Practitioner - Medical doctor United States of America Thank you for what you are doing!
Netherlands Janneke Stelling Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Marijke Coster Affiliation Netherlands I believe strongly in the cooperation between natural and modern medical approach
United States of America Kim Keane Other United States of America
Brazil Naia Silva Ramos Researcher Secretaria estadual de saúde Bahia Brazil
United States of America Marcia Nims Other United States of America
United States of America Anna Balazy Affiliation Trinity Health HUB United States of America
United States of America Donia Watson Patient United States of America
United States of America Anne Hajek Other Hajek Homeopathic Care LLC United States of America
United States of America Jean Williams Other United States of America
United States of America Alison Hoskins Other United States of America
Canada Julie Hwang Practitioner - Medical doctor Canada
Netherlands Erna Schuur Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Rick Smets Patient Netherlands
India Dr Srinivas Rao Surabhi Affiliation MTCS Global Foundation India Great Initiative to promote Traditional Healthcare Systems & other Indigenous Knowledge Systems
United States of America Emily Hudson Other United States of America I support this declaration and will do what I can to support it's mission.
Indonesia Yant Lase Practitioner - Medical doctor Indonesian Belgian Association- IBA Asbl in Brussels Indonesia I do agree and support this mouvement. Many greetings from Reflexindo-LASE Yanto
France odile ulrich Other France
United States of America Cheryl Morgan Practitioner - Medical doctor Intentional Health LLC United States of America
Belgium Els Smets Patient Academie Noord Belgium
Netherlands Ria Wilbrink Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Do Lavoo Patient Netherlands
Australia Suzanne Grant Researcher Western Sydney University Australia
Netherlands Harold bonnema Affiliation Netherlands
Belgium Filip Vanlerberghe Affiliation Clyvanto bvba Belgium
Bangladesh Dr. Moudud Ahmed Practitioner - Medical doctor MOHF&W, Bangladesh Bangladesh
Democratic Republic of Congo Benjamin ASSANI KITOKO Practitioner - Medical doctor Avenir Mere Enfant Democratic Republic of Congo Want to join the TCIH Team and advocate on behalf of TCIH
Brazil JOELMA JOELMA Educator Brazil
United States of America Jolanda M Frischknecht Affiliation Please Select... United States of America
United States of America Robert Stewart Practitioner - Medical doctor new york school of homeopathy United States of America no connection with the WHO
United States of America Virginia Efta Other ATHENA United States of America I strongly support the maxims of this petition. As a patient I find it difficult to meet drs of medicine who are willing to think outside of the rules and the book/manual of care that has been established. I find my care is limited, perhaps even compromised, because of the extreme specialization of medicine. I am not a particular system. I am a whole integrated and functioning human being. I would like to be cared.for as such.
Netherlands Jolanda Traarbach Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Willemien Van der Cruijsen Affiliation Netherlands
Canada Martha Muller Other Ita Wegman Assoc. of BC Canada
United States of America Debra Barford Patient United States of America
Netherlands Anne Marieke Patient Netherlands
United Kingdom Will Beveridge Other Edinburgh Health Clinic United Kingdom
Netherlands Sonya Zwagerman Patient EcoTao Netherlands We are nature and only freedom of choise holotic approach can support us to stay connected. Less suffer and less unfair farmacy.