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Below are the individuals who have signed on to support our declaration for a people-centred and holistic healthcare.

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Individual signatories

Number of individual signatories to-date: 7628
Netherlands José Abels Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Arnold Beuk Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Silke de Rooi Patient Netherlands
United States of America Karen Alderfer Patient United States of America I desire the opportunity to use complimentary medicine when I see fit. I wish to take responsibility for my heath care needs. I hope for respect for all person centered healthcare decisions.
Belgium Aude Rothschild Other Belgium
Netherlands Saskia Vis Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Suzanne Min Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Jenneke Van Dongen Patient Uw Communicatiecoach Netherlands
Netherlands Juliette Brederode Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Anneke Goossens Patient Netherlands
Belgium Veerle Depreeuw Practitioner - Medical doctor ZNA Belgium
Netherlands Lidwina Bischoff Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Marjolein Rohde Other Netherlands
Brazil Valêsca Barbio Researcher UNICAMP Brazil
Brazil Verônica Scardoelli Practitioner - Medical doctor Prefeitura de Agudo Brazil
Brazil Giovanna Dias Government Brazil
Brazil Suzimar Fusco Educator Unicamp Brazil
Barbados Claudia Regojo Practitioner - Medical doctor Barbados
Netherlands Ger van der Pas Other Netherlands
Netherlands Nelleke Bergen Van Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Carla Capiau Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Lieke Steijn Affiliation Netherlands
Belgium Diederik De Reuse Patient Belgium
Netherlands Marco Berk Patient Netherlands
Netherlands C.M. Roelofsma Other Netherlands
Netherlands Rita den Boon Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Mieke Piscaer Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Anne Rotteveel Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Corma Ruijgrok Educator instituut voor communicatie en zelfonderzoek Netherlands
Germany Lenka Angelova Practitioner - Medical doctor Germany
Netherlands C. van Vroonhoven Affiliation -- Netherlands
Belgium Joris Goossens Patient Belgium
Netherlands Tiny Klinkers Other mevrouw Netherlands
United States of America Molly Brett Patient United States of America
Belgium annelore e ledoux Patient Belgium
Belgium Chantal Van Der Gucht Patient Belgium
Netherlands R Moerkerken Other Netherlands
Netherlands Sanneke Van Nielen Educator Netherlands
Afghanistan Joop Leenders Affiliation Afghanistan
Netherlands Dorien Docters Affiliation Netherlands
Belgium Lutgard Maes Patient Belgium
Netherlands Leo Lenders Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Danni Keil Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Isa Van Duuren Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Lotte Spuren Patient Netherlands
France CASTAGNOUS ANAIS Affiliation France
Greece Christiana Chouliara Practitioner - Medical doctor Greece
Netherlands Monique Jacobs Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Andre van Rutte Other Netherlands
Netherlands N.H. Rotte Patient Netherlands
Netherlands B.J. Dankbaar Practitioner - Medical doctor own practice Netherlands
France Erika Vitagliano Educator France
Netherlands Maarten Van Lierop Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Margriet Année Practitioner - Medical doctor Chiflex Netherlands
Netherlands Flemming Rinthlev Affiliation Sice bv Netherlands
Philippines Rowena Agatha Manlapaz Angsico Other Philippines
Netherlands Ineke Padding Educator Netherlands
Netherlands Gerard Volders Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Marian Enter Patient Netherlands
France laurence Duval Practitioner - Medical doctor France
France alexandra alle Practitioner - Medical doctor France
France Virginie Ligier Practitioner - Medical doctor France
France Isabelle Brun Educator OMNES France
Netherlands Margo van Biezen Other Margo van Biezen Netherlands
Belgium Philip Lievens Patient Belgium
Netherlands Hans van der Sandt Patient Netherlands
Japan Kyoko Katsuta Other Anthroposophical Musictherapy Japan Japan
Netherlands H.J. Reijs Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Simone Bleumink Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Joella Rossewij Other Netherlands
Netherlands Carmen Nelstein Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Agnes Borbely Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Rikkie Plugboer Affiliation ZintuigenHerberg Netherlands
Netherlands chris mulder Affiliation Chris Mulder Netherlands
Netherlands maaike van keimpema Other Netherlands
Netherlands Marylin Nijhuis-Lis Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Annette Tapia-Cornet Other Netherlands
United States of America Wendie Colter Educator The Practical Path, Inc. United States of America
Italy Lina Risi Patient Italy
Netherlands D. Kalk Other Netherlands
Netherlands Betty Kalk Other Netherlands
Belgium Anne-Mie Knaepen Patient Belgium A bit more interest in each others believes (for doctors) an cooperation would be an asset. A down to earth approach instead of a ivory tower versus 'dombo' patient (kept unknown).
Switzerland DALEX Eliane Practitioner - Medical doctor Switzerland
Belgium Bart Willems Other Het Buro Belgium
Belgium Bart Willems Other Het Buro Belgium
Netherlands Paula Teutscher Patient Netherlands
Netherlands KAREN HANNEN Practitioner - Medical doctor YES Netherlands
Netherlands Catharina Van Riessen Patient Netherlands
United States of America DR Carter Practitioner - Medical doctor United States of America
Greece Benjamin Saez Educator European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association Greece
Netherlands Paul van Nunen Patient Netherlands
Chile Verónica Figueroa Affiliation Chile
Germany Angelika Hill Practitioner - Medical doctor Praxis Germany
Netherlands Armine Nijland Patient Netherlands
Switzerland Laure Veenendaal Patient Esclarmonde Switzerland
France Véronique PONTVIANNE Practitioner - Medical doctor Omnes France
Germany Roland Zerm Researcher Forschungsinstitut Havelhöhe Germany
Netherlands H Ruiter Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Bert Logtmeijer Patient None Netherlands
Netherlands James has Campbell Patient Netherlands