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Below are the individuals who have signed on to support our declaration for a people-centred and holistic healthcare.

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Individual signatories

Number of individual signatories to-date: 8333
Netherlands Hedwig de Beer Patient Netherlands
Australia Youngmee Lee Affiliation Healing Tree acupuncture Australia
Netherlands Stephan Reusken Other Netherlands
Netherlands stam stam Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Margaret Lourens Other 1946 Netherlands
Netherlands Mirjam Sweering-Elias Other Netherlands Very good initiative. I wrote about it
Canada Nicole Duelli Other Canada More patients and practitioners want integrative medical care - it is the medicine of the future.
Netherlands Sanny Uitentuis Affiliation Self employed Netherlands
Australia 재영 심 Practitioner - Medical doctor Chronic pain acupuncture clinic Australia I support the declaration that traditional medicine and complementary therapy are essential for Holistic care for chronic pain or chronic disease patients.
United States of America Jennifer Olejownik Researcher The Ohio State University United States of America I have been working in this field for over 20 years and am delighted to know of this organization. Specifically, I have been working with indigenous medicine in the US and in Mexico. I look forward to joining this conversation.
Australia Kyung Jin Jung Practitioner - Medical doctor Neck and back pain acupuncture clinic Australia 나는 이 선언이 전 인류의 공평한 건강 보장을 위한 최선의 통합의료 시스템이라 생각하고 적극 지지한다
Netherlands Nienke Crombach Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Herman Crum Affiliation Netherlands
Germany Christoph Böhm Patient Germany
India Galib R Researcher All India Institute of Ayurveda India
Germany Birgit Gromann Affiliation Germany
Austria Claudia Garn Practitioner - Medical doctor AEKH, LMHI, ECH Austria Very good summary and declaration!
Switzerland Leonhard Knittel Practitioner - Medical doctor Klinik Arlesheim Switzerland
Netherlands Masha Vos Patient Albert Heijn Netherlands
Netherlands Ingrid Hulscher Patient Netherlands
Brazil Mariana Lopes Borges Educator EERP/USP Brazil
Germany Mike Keszler Practitioner - Medical doctor Germany Alternative medicine, especially Homeopathy, chines medicine, Ayurveda and Osteopathiy are very gentle and succesfulll and holistic methods to make people healthier and even cure. It is necessary to acknowledge that
Germany Gerlinde Eberl Practitioner - Medical doctor Naturheilkundepraxis Germany
Germany Jürgen Rieß Other Vyaire Medical Healtcare Germany
Netherlands Vunderink Jeanne Vunderink Patient Netherlands
Germany Hélène Coudray Practitioner - Medical doctor Lachesis e.V. Germany This is urgent to preserve our traditional, complementary and integrative healthcare and to allow a real independence of working for the conventional / biomedicine practitioners. Patients should always have the right to decide how they should be treated. No one should have fears because he works on another way than the mainstream does.
Germany Gabriele Hanewacker Practitioner - Medical doctor Germany
India Vishal Patil Practitioner - Medical doctor Akshada clinic India
Germany Jasna Lazovic Affiliation Germany
Netherlands E Kliem Patient Vivium Netherlands
South Africa Jackie Young Patient South Africa
India Vishal Patil Researcher Akshada clinic India
Netherlands Anna Schröder Practitioner - Medical doctor Nva Naav Netherlands
South Africa Radhiya Bulbulia Educator None South Africa
Netherlands Coleta van Bergeijk Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Stephanie le Mahieu Practitioner - Medical doctor Netherlands
United Kingdom NAZAKAT ALI Patient United Kingdom
Netherlands Yo P Educator Netherlands
South Africa Denise Anderson Patient South Africa
South Africa Ganeefa Ismail Other South Africa
South Africa Qaanitah Ismail Patient South Africa
South Africa R Allie Patient South Africa Everyone should have the right to a holistic approach for optimal healing potential!
South Africa Robyn Anderson Other South Africa
South Africa Bianca De Canha Practitioner - Medical doctor Private South Africa
South Africa Junaid Rawoot Practitioner - Medical doctor The acupuncture centre South Africa This is sorely need. We are already able to work and deal with patients in the fertility and mental health sector. This integrative approach has will have expansion benefits far reaching. faster recovery rates, more contended, more confident and more empowered. This will lead to an increase in productivity, decrease in depression and suicide rates. Reduced crime mention a few.
South Africa zainub bibi hoosain Affiliation Bibi Hoosain (Not set up as yet) South Africa
South Africa Ashleigh Janse van Rensburg Practitioner - Medical doctor HSA South Africa
South Africa Mark Leite Practitioner - Medical doctor South Africa
South Africa Ashadre Naidoo Practitioner - Medical doctor Homeopathic Association of South Africa South Africa
Netherlands Hanneke Wark Patient Netherlands
South Africa Gail Nel Patient Self Employed South Africa I support as a basic right freedom of choice regarding all modalities of health and healthcare
South Africa Hope Nhlapo Researcher UJ South Africa
Pakistan Muhammad Junaid Umer Practitioner - Medical doctor Dr.Junaid Homeopathy Clinic Pakistan it is very appreciated work, I am available for any services voluntarily as you desire as convenient.
South Africa Chenay Koen Researcher South Africa
South Africa Richel Heitmuller Patient South Africa
South Africa Heleen Rancati Affiliation South Africa
Bulgaria Maria Apostolova Other Bulgaria
Netherlands Sam Hofman Patient Netherlands
Germany Cornelia Vollmar Practitioner - Medical doctor Germany
Mexico Gabriela Villada Practitioner - Medical doctor Homeopatia de Mexico Mexico Pido respeto a mi modo de cuidar mi salud
Germany Petra Sporer Practitioner - Medical doctor Germany
Germany Elisabeth Schnakenberg Practitioner - Medical doctor Germany Complementary Healthcare is the best way for people around the world to stay healthy and help avoid climate change. Complementary Medicine is the thousand year old base to our actual medicine, that we all should honour as roots to healthcare.
South Africa Natasha Hogg Educator Amipro South Africa
Greece ALEXANDRA Kosmarikou Practitioner - Medical doctor Greece
South Africa Jeetesh Ranchod Practitioner - Medical doctor Homeopathic Association of South Africa South Africa
South Africa Adhieman Adande Practitioner - Medical doctor Dr.Addy's Homeopathic Wellness Center South Africa
Germany Christiane Jacob Practitioner - Medical doctor Praxis für Naturheilkunde Germany
Germany Corina Kregel Practitioner - Medical doctor AGTCM Germany Germany
South Africa Leila Booysen Other University of Johannesburg South Africa
South Africa Jodi Sutherland-Piedallu Practitioner - Medical doctor South Africa
South Africa Steven Steenbergen Other South Africa
Netherlands Pia De Jong Affiliation n.v.t. Netherlands
Mexico Andrea Flores Practitioner - Medical doctor Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis Mexico
South Africa Ayesha Loonat Practitioner - Medical doctor Homeopathic association of South Africa South Africa
Netherlands Albertine Van Oenen Educator Netherlands
South Africa Gail Macaulay Patient South Africa
Italy Karen Van der Merwe Patient Italy
South Africa Mario Lopes Pereira Other Amalgamated Materials Handling South Africa
South Africa Ronell FROMKE Patient South Africa
South Africa Gaby Lopes Pereira Patient EOH South Africa
South Africa Jan-Nita Wilken Practitioner - Medical doctor South Africa
South Africa Maureen Dos Ramos Practitioner - Medical doctor HSA South Africa
Afghanistan Dr Suresh Kumar Agarwal Practitioner - Medical doctor International Institute of Lifestyle Medicine Afghanistan
South Africa Faith Jamjam Practitioner - Medical doctor Hasa South Africa
Pakistan Alamzeb Khan Practitioner - Medical doctor Madina Advance Homoeo Pakistan
South Africa Casey Bieldt Patient Inclusive solutions South Africa
South Africa Mariaan Hendriks Practitioner - Medical doctor Umhlanga Senior Citizen Association South Africa
South Africa Kirsten Gower Patient Lemonade Collective South Africa
South Africa Tasfiyah Rasool Affiliation South Africa
South Africa Nompumelelo Sithebe Practitioner - Medical doctor HSA South Africa None
South Africa Nombuso Angel Zwane Other South Africa
South Africa Vicki Compère Other AHPCSA South Africa
South Africa Kirsten Ewing Patient South Africa I strongly believe that all practitioners should be able to work together.
South Africa Kgethego Makobe Other South Africa
South Africa Sacha Piedallu Practitioner - Medical doctor Homeopathic association of south Africa South Africa
South Africa Karla Hendriks Affiliation University of Pretoria South Africa
South Africa Katherine Withers Practitioner - Medical doctor AHPCSA South Africa
South Africa Heather Marti Other South Africa
South Africa Pratisha Pramlall Practitioner - Medical doctor HSA South Africa
South Africa Likho Mbovane Other South Africa