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Below are the individuals who have signed on to support our declaration for a people-centred and holistic healthcare.

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Individual signatories

Number of individual signatories to-date: 8305
Netherlands Maaike Riemersna Patient Netherlands
Canada Allison Patton Other Ardour Wellness Canada
United States of America Margery Stearns Other Margery Stearns United States of America
United States of America Lauri Grossman Practitioner - Medical doctor National Center for Homeopathy United States of America
India Sangeeth Somanadhapai Educator SGT University India
Australia Catherine Smith Educator Torrens University Australia Australia
Netherlands P Paijens Patient Netherlands
United Kingdom Ingrid Hermansen Practitioner - Medical doctor Kairos Rehabilitation Trust United Kingdom
Netherlands Bob Roessink Patient Netherlands
Netherlands J. Nienhuis Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Floor Huisi in 't Veld Patient FLOOR Water & Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling Netherlands
Germany Astrid Kratz Practitioner - Medical doctor Germany
Netherlands Els Geluk Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Shireen Noort Other Netherlands
United States of America Breanna Butler Affiliation United States of America
Australia Amy Simpson Other Australia
Netherlands Miranda Contant Affiliation Netherlands
United Kingdom Helen Saddler-coles Affiliation United Kingdom
Netherlands J. Lodder Affiliation Netherlands
Brazil Juliana Pires Government Secretaria Estadual de Saúde Brazil
Netherlands Linda De Lijster Patient Netherlands
Netherlands jeannette dekker Affiliation patient Netherlands
Ireland Diana Hornet Patient Manufacturing Ireland
Italy Teresio ANTONIO francescon Affiliation Italy
Italy Manuela Vittori Practitioner - Medical doctor ASL Italy
Canada Yvonne Sugimoto Other Canada
United States of America Margaret Reasor Educator United States of America
Turkey Sima Filizer Practitioner - Medical doctor İstanbul City Hospital Turkey
Canada Richard MacInnis Other Canada
United States of America Rebecca Evans Affiliation Rebecca Evans United States of America
Portugal Flavia Carvalho Affiliation Portugal
United States of America Kristine Steed Other United States of America
Turkey Büşra GÜNER Patient Turkey
Turkey YEGANE KOULİEVA Practitioner - Medical doctor Turkey
Netherlands Marlies van der Velde Patient Netherlands Het is ons recht om een integratieve gezondheidszorg te hebben….die focust op de hele persoon. Een gezondheidszorg waar niet de pharmacie het voor het zeggen herft
Netherlands G. de Hond Patient Netherlands
Austria Jörg Hildebrandt Practitioner - Medical doctor Austria
Germany Gabriele Rotter Practitioner - Medical doctor Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin Germany Dear WHO members, I am medical doctor and physician osteopath, my research, teaching and clinical practice focusses on complementary medicine, especially osteopathic medicine, and musicians' medicine. I'm president of the European Register for Osteopathic Physicians (EROP,, executive Board member of the European Society of Integrative Medicine (ESIM, and the Internationla Society for Arts and Medicine (ISfAM, I would love to participate in the new WHO Global Strategy for Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine. Best regards, Gabriele
Afghanistan Maria vandamme Affiliation Afghanistan
Austria Erfried Pichler Practitioner - Medical doctor ÖGHM Austria
Austria Susanne Schunder-Tatzber Practitioner - Medical doctor ECPM Austria
Germany Marcela Covic Affiliation Germany
Greece Fotini Giannaki Patient Greece
Netherlands Rita Meertens Affiliation Rita Meertens Art & More Netherlands
Spain Cristina Moreno Gonzalez Patient Spain
Denmark Anna Iben Hollensberg Practitioner - Medical doctor Denmark
Greece GiAnna rakla Other Greece
Netherlands Marlies Van der spek Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Truus Van der Kaaij Researcher Netherlands
Netherlands U.E.H.A. Scheffer Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Tiny Hanema Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Marjan Van Huet Patient Netherlands
Netherlands M Van zon Patient Netherlands
New Zealand Kathy Fray Practitioner - Medical doctor MotherWise New Zealand Integrative medical healthcare is the ONLY sensible rational way forward - it is insanity gone mad to only rely on pharmaceutical drugs for patient wellness.
Australia Julie Cottle Affiliation Natural Transition Australia
Netherlands Dick Markvoort Other Netherlands
Canada Patricia Bergie Practitioner - Medical doctor Canada
United States of America Margaret Beeson Practitioner - Medical doctor Naturopathic Education & Research Consortium United States of America
Germany Klaus-Ingbert Wagner Practitioner - Medical doctor Germany
Netherlands Hans Feller Patient Netherlands
Belgium Beatrice Allaert Patient Belgium I have been helped many times with homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal remedies, and I am sure it prevented my son to become astmatic.
Germany Katharina Schirmer-Mokwa Practitioner - Medical doctor Germany
Netherlands Kim Tulfer Affiliation Reinier van Arkel Netherlands
Netherlands marie mo Other Netherlands It is working and sometimes cheaper than regular healthcare, please keep is accessible for everybody. We need this kind of healthcare
Netherlands Y. R. Other Netherlands
Netherlands R. Timmers Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Renée Muller-Schuthof Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Martha van Nederpelt Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Antoinet Dubbelman Patient Netherlands It is so important that we will be a WHOLE human being !
Netherlands Erna van Buiten Practitioner - Medical doctor Cura Calda Netherlands
Netherlands Rick Tuinman Patient LifeSimply Netherlands
Netherlands Gea Van Geenen Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Hedwig de Beer Patient Netherlands
Australia Youngmee Lee Affiliation Healing Tree acupuncture Australia
Netherlands Stephan Reusken Other Netherlands
Netherlands stam stam Affiliation Netherlands
Netherlands Margaret Lourens Other 1946 Netherlands
Netherlands Mirjam Sweering-Elias Other Netherlands Very good initiative. I wrote about it
Canada Nicole Duelli Other Canada More patients and practitioners want integrative medical care - it is the medicine of the future.
Netherlands Sanny Uitentuis Affiliation Self employed Netherlands
Australia 재영 심 Practitioner - Medical doctor Chronic pain acupuncture clinic Australia I support the declaration that traditional medicine and complementary therapy are essential for Holistic care for chronic pain or chronic disease patients.
United States of America Jennifer Olejownik Researcher The Ohio State University United States of America I have been working in this field for over 20 years and am delighted to know of this organization. Specifically, I have been working with indigenous medicine in the US and in Mexico. I look forward to joining this conversation.
Australia Kyung Jin Jung Practitioner - Medical doctor Neck and back pain acupuncture clinic Australia 나는 이 선언이 전 인류의 공평한 건강 보장을 위한 최선의 통합의료 시스템이라 생각하고 적극 지지한다
Netherlands Nienke Crombach Patient Netherlands
Netherlands Herman Crum Affiliation Netherlands
Germany Christoph Böhm Patient Germany
India Galib R Researcher All India Institute of Ayurveda India
Germany Birgit Gromann Affiliation Germany
Austria Claudia Garn Practitioner - Medical doctor AEKH, LMHI, ECH Austria Very good summary and declaration!
Switzerland Leonhard Knittel Practitioner - Medical doctor Klinik Arlesheim Switzerland
Netherlands Masha Vos Patient Albert Heijn Netherlands
Netherlands Ingrid Hulscher Patient Netherlands
Brazil Mariana Lopes Borges Educator EERP/USP Brazil
Germany Mike Keszler Practitioner - Medical doctor Germany Alternative medicine, especially Homeopathy, chines medicine, Ayurveda and Osteopathiy are very gentle and succesfulll and holistic methods to make people healthier and even cure. It is necessary to acknowledge that
Germany Gerlinde Eberl Practitioner - Medical doctor Naturheilkundepraxis Germany
Germany Jürgen Rieß Other Vyaire Medical Healtcare Germany
Netherlands Vunderink Jeanne Vunderink Patient Netherlands
Germany Hélène Coudray Practitioner - Medical doctor Lachesis e.V. Germany This is urgent to preserve our traditional, complementary and integrative healthcare and to allow a real independence of working for the conventional / biomedicine practitioners. Patients should always have the right to decide how they should be treated. No one should have fears because he works on another way than the mainstream does.
Germany Gabriele Hanewacker Practitioner - Medical doctor Germany
India Vishal Patil Practitioner - Medical doctor Akshada clinic India